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The Yale Phage Center is primarily focusing on advancing the scientific understanding of phage biology and translating it into advancements for clinical application, training, and education. Samples are located from the environment across the globe by their network of collaborators, which provide new opportunities for students in various fields, such as; ecology, agricultural science, microbiology, genetics, clinical laboratory science, medicine, and veterinary sectors.

The center studies and banks the collected samples. These samples are studied by researchers to understand the effects of phage therapy in the laboratory. The Yale Phage Center uses phage therapy in clinical practice by collaborating with hospitals and clinics. After extensive laboratory studies, the center releases phages for clinical use for the conduction of clinical trials, in addition to their active compassionate use program.

Clinical trials

Claire Cochrane – Clinical Research Coordinator at Yale University School of Medicine
Contact details: +12037376174 | claire.cochrane@yale.edu

Medical concerns

Dr. Jon Koff – Associate Professor; Associate Director, Fellowship Research, Pulmonary, Critical Care & Sleep Medicine; Director, Adult Cystic Fibrosis Program at Yale University School of Medicine
Contact details: +12037853627 | jon.koff@yale.edu

All other questions

Benjamin Chan, Ph.D. – Scientific Director of The Phage Center at Yale University
Contact details: +12038153235 | b.chan@yale.edu

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