Vitalis Phage Therapy

by Phage Therapy Support for patients

Vitalis Phage Therapy is an official partner of the Eliava Therapy Centre in Tbilisi, Georgia.  It was set up after the founder, Pranav, was given the chance to recover from his multi-drug resistant infection using phage therapy. The majority of patients that contact Vitalis Phage Therapy is located in India and South Asia, however, patients from all over the world can contact them to receive more information.

The Vitalis Phage Therapy can help with the following:

  • Information – Provide patients with detailed information on phage therapy.
  • Past experiences – Share the stories of other patients whom they have helped throughout the years.
  • Communication – They are the primary point of contact with the Eliava Therapy Centre.
  • Treatment guidelines – Provide patients with information on standard timelines, pre-treatment testing (by doctor’s recommendations), and information on phage administration.
  • Tests – Before a patient travels to Georgia, assistance with sending samples to the Eliava Therapy Centre for diagnostic tests and phage sensitivity.
  • Documentation – Assistance with visa requirements, the application process, and obtaining an invitation letter to travel to Georgia.

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