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UniFAHS (Unique Phage-based Solution for Food, Animal and Human Safety) is a leader in phage biotechnology and applications in Southeast Asia using a phage technology. Moreover, UniFAHS company not only provides the ready to use but also we can provide the customized phage-based solutions to fit for your business such as feed, farm, food, pet care, cosmetic, animal, and human health etc. UniFAHS R&D team has worked in collaboration with international agencies and universities in the US and EU on various phage applications for over 15 years.

UniFAHS products for Animal Health


  • SalmoGuard – a commercialized in-market premium phage cocktail product to be incorporated into water or feed as a feed additive for the poultry industry to specifically and robustly kill Salmonella in the poultry supply chain.

UniFAHS products for Aquaculture


  • Phage prompt Listeria – a commercialized Listeria phage cocktail product to kill listeria bacteria to enhance seafood product safety.


  • Phage prompt Vibrio product– a commercialized Vibrio phage cocktail product to kill Vibrio sp. in aquaculture supply chain to promote sustainable solutions especially for shrimp production chain.

UniFAHS products for Food Safety

Meat & Livestock

  • SalmoGuard Meat product – a commercialized Salmonella phage cocktail product to kill Salmonella in meat processing and food products.
  • Phage prompt E.coli product – a commercialized E.coli phage cocktail product to kill E.coli for livestock and agricultural supply chain.

UniFAHS products for custom solutions

  • Phage prompt cocktail product – a commercialized phage cocktail by customized solutions.

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