by Company Biotechnology SNIPR Biome

SNIPR Biome is a biotechnology company developing a novel use of CRISPR/Cas technology to address human diseases. The company’s technology to selectively and precisely decimate target bacteria while leaving the rest of the microbial community intact and unharmed. SNIPR Biome utilizes the natural bacterial CRISPR-based adaptive immune system in a programmable fashion to kill target bacteria based on their specific genomes.

Their drugs are next-generation antibiotics harboring DNA-based CRISPR-Guided Vectors™ (CGV™ Technology) that cause double-stranded breaks in bacterial genomes and ultra-rapid killing in a matter of minutes, allowing rapid response in acute settings.

SNIPR Biome technology includes:

  • Therapeutic applications of the CRISPR editing technology – the CRISPR platform is designed to be delivered by phage or bacterial conjugation to selectively kill disease-causing bacteria.
  • Precision bacterial killing is gene-specific and highly selective between sub-species of Escherichia coli.
  • The delivery of therapeutic genes to commensal bacteria within the microbiome to enable in situ production and secretion of therapeutic proteins and peptides – bacterial conjugation offers highly efficient delivery of a functional exogenous gene to bacteria in the murine gut within 2 days after dosing.

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