Sensei Biotherapeutics

by Company Biotechnology clinical-stage Sensei Biotherapeutics

Sensei Biotherapeutics is a clinical-stage immunotherapy biotechnology company that is developing a pipeline of investigational medicines that work by “awakening” the immune system to defend and defeat cancer and infectious diseases. The company has developed a unique drug discovery approach, ImmunoPhage™️, that generates powerful and specific immune responses.

ImmunoPhage™ product pipeline:

  • SNS-301 (ASPH; HPV- specific E6/E7)
    • 1st Line Head & Neck Cancer in combination with pembrolizumab.
    • Head & Neck Cancer Neoadjuvant evaluating combination strategies.
  • SNS-401 (Cocktail with MCPyV)
    • Merkel Cell Carcinoma.
  • Nanobodies & Antibodies

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