by Contract Manufacturer Company Biotechnology SciPhage

SciPhage is a biotechnology company with a business-to-business model. The company’s phage technology allows an alternative to antibiotics in human and animal health for the control of bacterial infections, plant health, as well as in environments contaminated by bacteria. SciPhage increases environmental sustainability by eliminating the indiscriminate use of antibiotics with a positive impact on the economies in different sectors.

Bacteriophage products for Human Health:

  • PhageAcnes – an organic product to combat acne problems for the cosmetic industry.
  • AcneFree – directed at Cutibacterium acnes, this product is presented as a cosmetic solution to help control acne.

The following is a list of sectors where SciPhage can apply its technology and expertise:

Animal Health

  • SalmoFree – The phage solution also includes a service that allows diagnosing the level of Salmonella contamination in chicken farms and laying hens integrated into the application of the SalmoFree product. Currently, the product is designed to be supplied in drinking water for production birds.

Bacteriophage product pipeline:


  • Weissella Ceti Phages – an organic product to combat Weisella infections. This product would help control weissellosis in trout, an emerging disease of food origin that generates high losses in world trout production by causing hemorrhagic septicemia and death in the final phases of the production cycle. This product is in the initial phases of research, phases of phage purification, optimization, and design of the cocktail.

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