PHIOGEN Pharmaceuticals

by Technology platform for phage therapy PHIOGEN Pharmaceuticals

PHIOGEN INC was founded in 2023 to commercialize technology developed at TAILΦR Labs, a personalized phage therapy center of Baylor College of Medicine. Located at the Texas Medical Center Innovation Hub, PHIOGEN’s experienced team of experts are building on a decade of research in phage biology to develop next generation therapeutics. Their innovative platform capitalizes on the successes of personalized phage therapy, while their game-changing technology opens the door to a sustainable business model in which the entire patient population can be treated with a single solution.

PHIOGEN’s breakthrough platform enables them to discover rare phages with highly targeted neutralizing capabilities, evolve hyper-lytic phages to overcome resistance, and test them in high-throughput biological models, resulting in cultivated antimicrobial solutions that successfully productize bacteriophage to improve clinical outcomes.

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