by Company Biotechnology PhagoMed

PhagoMed is a biotechnology company that develops phage-based drugs to treat persistent bacterial infections. The company is the brainchild of three very different individuals, who share a common belief: Phage-based drugs are humanity’s best bet for developing the next generation of antibacterials. PhagoMed develops a new generation of precision antibacterials that eliminate the pathogen while leaving the microbiome intact. Using their synthetic biology platform, they can design targeted interventions as breakthrough therapies for chronic bacterial infections.

PhagoMed technology includes:

  • Synthetic lysins that are highly precise, optimized for potency, stability, and manufacturing yield.
  • Wild-type bacteriophages that are turned into drug-grade ε²Phages, that are optimized for high host range and low resistance formation.

Lysin bacteriophage-based product pipeline:

Synthetic lysins

  • Bacterial vaginosis – target: Gardnerella spp. (PM-477)

ε²Phages lysins

  • Implant-associated infections – target: Staphylococcus aureus including MRSA/MSSA (PM-477)
  • Urinary tract infections – target: Uropathogenic Escherichia coli (PM-754)

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