by Company Biotechnology early-stage therapeutics PhagePro

PhagePro is an early-stage biotechnology therapeutics company that develops bacteriophage-based products to help the world’s most vulnerable communities.  The company is a discovery-driven venture spun out of the Camilli Lab at Tufts University School of Medicine in Boston.

The prevention of cholera has been a focus project for PhaegPro. Cholera is a disease of poverty and is mainly spread through contaminated water. The recommended prevention used against for the prevention of the spread of cholera shows that there is still a need for a faster and more efficient method of prevention.

ProphaLytic-VC is an oral bacteriophage preparation that specifically targets epidemic strains of cholera. Its immediate intervention creates protection for household members of a cholera patient, who are extremely high in risk of infection. ProphaLytic-VC is easy to administer and can serve as a comprehensive strategy towards the prevention and controlling of cholera, together with water sanitation, hygiene behavior, and OCVs.

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