by Resource Phage-UK network

Phage-UK is a non-profit organisation aiming to enable wider access to phage therapy for patients in the UK.

The networks’ goals are;

  • Raising awareness of phage therapy in the UK, so this therapy is officially recognised as a valid alternative to antibiotics.
  • Forming a network of UK-based clinicians and phage researchers to build traction and work together in the future on the safe and effective sourcing, production and administration of phages in the UK.
  • Working with a focused group of clinicians to establish a standardised framework for the safe and effective administration of phages as unlicensed medicine in the immediate future, making use of the available legislations.
  • Working with clinicians and regulatory bodies to establish a suitable regulatory framework for wider phage therapy access in the near future.
  • Helping establish GMP phage manufacturing facilities in the UK, so that phages no longer need to be sourced abroad for use in the UK.

In essence, Phage-UK is working to ensure that UK-based patients who desperately need an alternative to antibiotics to treat their life-threatening infections, no longer need to go abroad for phage therapy, and in the near future, that those who could avoid getting to this desperate point, also have this alternative option.

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