by Company Biotechnology Nextbiotics

Nextbiotics is a biotechnology company that is developing a platform that uses proprietary algorithms and synthetic biology to enhance bacteriophages’ ability to target and destroy pathogenic bacteria. The company’s technology enables the acceleration of the evolution of phage genomes to enhance their capacity to target pathogenic bacteria and resulting in a significant performance compared to alternative treatments.

Nextbiotics uses synthetic biology to drastically enhance bacteriophage stability and efficacy, allowing for to efficiently destroy pathogens, enhance animal nutrition and promote animal health in an antibiotic-free way. The key competitive advantage for the use of phages is their specificity to target bacteria, crucial to modulating the microbiome. Their process begins with their dynamic phage library, moving to strain enhancement, in order to increase the phage efficacy and thermostability and expand host range, and finally leading to the end product for food production and the human microbiome therapeutics.

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