by Contract Manufacturer Product NexaBiome

NexaBiome is an end-to-end biotechnology company focused on addressing the global challenge of antimicrobial resistance and improving human and animal health. Previously known as Fixed Phage, the company is based in Glasgow, Scotland, UK.

With significant expertise in addressing bacterial challenges, NexaBiome’s focus is on the discovery, development and provision of effective and sustainable bacteriophage (phage) solutions in the field of human health and animal health.

Bacteriophages are viruses that can target and kill problem bacteria while leaving the beneficial bacteria intact. They are naturally occurring, biodegradable and made from renewable matters. The company is committed to innovation and harnessing the sustainable power of phage, with its work involving the manufacture, research and development, storage and application of phage, globally.

NexaBiome products

  • NXATec – End-to-End Phage solutions are backed by the highest standards of scientific excellence, with patient safety and wellbeing at its heart. Applying the company’s innovative technology and expertise, the team is committed to harnessing the sustainable power of phage.

Bacteriophage product pipeline:

  • NXAMed – Advancing next generation antibiotics to revolutionise human health, combat drug-resistant infections, and ensure a healthier future.
  • NXAVet – Innovating and delivering next generation antibiotics for crucial roles in safeguarding animal health, enhancing disease resilience, and preserving ecosystems.

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