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Nemesis Bioscience is a biopharmaceutical company developing Nemesis Symbiotics©; a DNA therapeutics administered before antibiotics to inactivate resistance in bacterial pathogens. The technology is applicable to all antibiotic classes, all known resistance mechanisms, and all bacteria. Other applications include reduction of chemotherapeutic toxicity, inactivation of virulence factors, and in vivo synthesis of biofuels and therapeutics.

The Nemesis approach, can not only be used for existing AMR infections but has also been proven to be effective in stopping horizontal resistance-gene transfer in bacteria – offering the potential for prevention of infection with AMR bacteria via probiotic administration.

Nemesis Bioscience technology includes:

  • Nemesis Transmid© – Technology that uses modified, multiplexed programmable RNA-guided endonucleases – the first of which has been proven to inactivate resistance to 8 families of beta-lactamase antibiotics including extended-spectrum beta-lactamases (ESBL), carbapenemases, and metallo beta-lactamases.

Transmid© technologies can also be applied to the inactivation of bacterial virulence factors as well as to biosynthetic and industrial microbiology applications.

  • Nemesis Symbiotics© Treatment
  • Nemesis Symbiotics© Probiotic Prevention
  • Nemesis Transmids©

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