MB Pharma

by Bacteriophage.news
Bacteriophage.news Contract Manufacturer MB Pharma

MB Pharma is a private company based in the Czech Republic. It operates in three facilities; a GMP certified production facility, R&D laboratories, and the headquarter office. MB Pharma focuses on research, development, and production of bacteriophages for clinical trials under compassionate use, and other purposes where GMP quality is required.

MB Pharma was GMP licensed in 2016, and since then keeps the highest standard of operation. Their main goal is to transfer bacteriophages to common clinical practice and to help in reducing the problem of antibiotic resistance of bacterial pathogens.

The following is a list of the broad spectrum of services offered by MB Pharma:

  • Research and development of bacteriophages
  • GMP manufacturing of phages for clinical trials, compassionate use, and other application
  • Development of new application techniques, such as; IV, topical, nebulization, incorporation to nanostructures, lyophilized phages, etc.
  • Preparation of GMP documentation
  • Quality control of phage products
  • Aseptic fill and finish

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