by Phage Therapy Support for patients

Lydia Roelofs has also had experience with phage therapy. Her daughter, after suffering for 8 years, received relief after phage therapy at the Eliava Therapy Center in Tbilisi, Georgia. After this, Lydia decided to dedicate her time to helping others with information and guidance on phage therapy.

Lydia can help with the following:

  • She is a direct contact person with the Eliava phage therapy center and is there to help with any enquiries or assistance.
  • Informing, advising and guiding patients throughout the entire process.
  • She makes sure that patients receive all the correct and complete information.
  • Lydia helps with sending samples, arranging appointments, and finding an appropriate interpreter (if necessary) for the patient’s visit at the center.
  • She also has an apartment and transportation that patients may opt-in for.
  • For those patients that receive remote treatment, she makes sure that the phages are sent, and if needed, can translate the treatment plan.
  • She is there to help patients receive any information throughout the entire treatment process.

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