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Guild BioSciences is a research and development, product development, and manufacturing division of the Guild Associates Inc. The company works across various fields including; military, health, food, environmental, animal health, and agriculture. Guild BioSciences created a pioneer biosensor LumiPhage™ Bioluminescent Reporter Bacteriophage, a biosensor that uses a reported phage that is engineered to produce a signal upon infection of target bacteria.

Guild BioSciences technology includes:

  • BRAVES (Bacteriophage Rapid Anthrax Viability Evaluation System) – BRAVES uses the patented LumiPhage™ technology to detect viable Bacillus anthracis pre and post-decontamination in the field.

Guild BioSciences is currently investigating the use of Phosphorodiamidate Morpholino Oligomers, commonly referred to as PMOs or Morpholinos, as target-specific therapeutics against challenging pathogens. Morpholinos are a type of antisense technology that binds to the mRNA of a target gene, inhibiting protein translation. This process can inhibit or kill the target pathogen, block its ability to cause infection or negate its ability to resist the effects of existing antimicrobials. Morpholinos are a third-generation antisense technology and hold several advantages over earlier generations.

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