Fixed Phage

by Contract Manufacturer Product Fixed Phage

Fixed Phage leads the design, development, and commercialization of applications, which use stabilized phages to solve bacterial challenges. Their patented technology enables bacteriophages to be covalently attached to a wide variety of substrates; this gives them enhanced stability for use in a variety of applications which address two of the world’s major challenges; antibiotic resistance and food supply and sustainability. By attaching specific bacteriophages to fish and animal feeds, they can reduce, augment or even substitute for antibiotics in the food chain. This allows targeting both human and animal pathogens, such as Escherichia coli, Listeria, Campylobacter, Salmonella, Streptococcus, Pseudomonas, Flavobacteria, and others. Fixed Phage develops bacteriophage products to address some of the commercially significant bacterial pathogens of plants including potato and apple crops. As their bonded phage products can be stable for months or even years and are less sensitive to temperature and other environmental factors, they can be effectively shipped and applied in remote rural locations.

The following is a list of sectors where Fixed Phage can apply their technology and expertise:

Animal Health

  • Feeds coated with an aquaPHIX solution have been shown to sustainably produce significantly improved outcomes. Examples include Early Mortality Syndrome in shrimps.
  • farmPHIX solutions address bacterial challenges, replacing antibiotics and chemicals to support healthier livestock.
  • For companion animals, petPHIX solutions address unmet needs through topically applied formulations including gels and creams.

Food Safety

  • The safePHIX solutions effectively address bacterial challenges in the food cold chain.

Human Health

  • mediPHIX solutions address a range of bacterial challenges prevalent in the human health sector.
  • The human microbiome is being revealed and our carePHIX solutions deliver the naturally based preparations that consumers now demand.

Plant Health

  • For farms, agriPHIX solutions provide a natural approach to improve the storage of a range of crops.
  • For the retail customer, freshPHIX solutions provide a natural and sustainable answer, which significantly increases shelf life. As an example, trials with bagged spinach have demonstrated a two-day extension of shelf life.

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