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Eligo Bioscience – The Microbiome Company is a biotechnology company developing a new class of biotherapeutics for microbiome precision editing. The company combines CRISPR/Cas system with engineered phage capsids, to develop antimicrobials that are used to eradicate resistant pathogens or virulent bacteria within the human microbiome, enabling clients to get next-generation antimicrobials to treat diseases caused by superbugs. Eligo Bioscience’s technology allows the exploration and control of bacterial ecosystems in humans and animals.

Eligobiotics are a first-in-class proprietary modality that enables the delivery and expression of therapeutic DNA in target bacterial populations of the microbiome. This technology allows modulation of the microbiome’s composition and function to address the human disease with unprecedented precision.

  • 1/ SSAM technology – Sequence-Specific Anti-Microbials

Armed with a CRISPR system, the Eligobiotics become highly precise antimicrobials. They kill only the harmful bacteria by creating lethal DNA breaks in target sequences of their genome while leaving the beneficial bacteria completely intact.

  • 2/ FAME technology – Function Addition to the MicrobiomE

Eligobiotics can be used to leverage microbial populations to transiently produce, display, or secrete an exogenous gene or set of genes to have a therapeutic effect on the host.

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