by Company Biopharmaceutical DotBio

DotBio is a biopharmaceutical company specializing in domain antibody therapies. It focuses on the development of immuno-oncology drugs based on humanized domain antibodies using its proprietary DotBody technology. The company’s proprietary technologies enable the ­rapid generation of multi-specific antibodies targeting multiple processes. The rapid testing of combinatorial ensembles of multi-specific antibody prototypes can directly identify molecules re-activating the tumor immune response with novel synergistic mechanisms.

DotBio technology includes:

  • DotBody technology – DotBio’s domain therapeutic antibody platform is based on a humanized VH domain antibody optimized for autonomous folding, stability, high expression levels, and low aggregation.
  • Hot-CoFi technology – Hot-Colony Filtration is DotBio’s proprietary stabilization technology. The Hot-CoFi technology allows improving the stability and solubility of the DotBodies, leading to better developability and safety profile of the molecules that are generated.
  • Phage display technology – Phage display is a powerful and versatile method to generate therapeutic molecules with high affinity and specificity. DotBio exploits several proprietary state-of-the-art DotBody and Fab libraries, to generate its clinical candidates.

DotBio product pipeline:

  • DB001 – target: Her2/PDL1 – indication: Her2 and solid tumors
  • DB002 – target: PDL1/CTLA4 – indication: Solid tumors
  • DB003 – target: PDL1/cytokine – indication: Solid tumors
  • DB004 – target: PD1/non-disclosed

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