Creative Biolabs

by Company Creative Biolabs Contract Manufacturer, Research, Phage-based

Creative Biolabs has engaged in phage research for many years, providing services like phage detection, identification, and discovery, small and large-scale phage production, phage purification, phage-based vaccine development, and phage-based therapeutics discovery to assist academic and industry intuitions whose activities are based on bacteriophage functions to fight and prevent bacterial infections and other diseases.

The following is a list of the broad spectrum of services offered by Creative Biolabs:

  • Discovery of Phage Targeting Bacteria
  • Production and Purification of Phage
  • Development of Phage-based Vaccines
  • Phage-based Bacterial Pathogen Detection
  • Phage-based Therapy Development
  • Featured platforms; including Phage Display, Engineered Phage, and Unmodified Bacteriophages.

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